Sadhu – Dubstep For Hearing Impaired #1

Tracklist :

D-Jahsta, 12gauge & Sadhu – Baptism of Fire (Mantis Remix)
Datsik – Oxygen
Trampa – Jump Smoke
D-Jahsta – Lifes a Bitch
Barron ft Gravity – Rowdy Again
Dead Audio – Bring back the Sound (Funtcase Remix)
12Gauge – Lets Fuck Up Yo Ears! (Sadhu Remix)
12Gauge – F38
Getter – Lights Out
12Gauge – Make my Day
D-Jahsta, 12Gauge & Sadhu – Baptism of Fire (Kinda like breakcore but not really VIP still not the actual VIP though, just something that was made in a hotel room in 10 minutes)
12Gauge – Murder Death Kill
Padu & Aweminus – Paw
Sadhu – FSDC
Dayn – Megaton
12Gauge – Wardrums
Genetix – Bassline Business
Genetix – Squid Attack (Funtcase Remix)
Sadhu – Godzilla VIP