Don Rimini : Donnie’s Mix Vol.1

Donnie’s series are special 30 minutes mixes, released once a month.
Why special ? The intro of the mixes could say it.
I really want to share with you a part of myself, my influences, my roots, all the tracks I love to listen to for a while doing something special with.
Some of you could be disappointed, and say that it’s not what I used to listen to from the Don.
But It’s the goal of these series, I always try to go where nobody think I ‘m gonna be. And try to «N-large Your Parties» my friends, eheheh.
I hope you gonna enjoy, discover or remember, some tracks.
The Volume 1 :
Hip house, also known as rap house, is a musical genre that mixes elements of house music and hip hop. The style rose to prominence during the 1980s in Chicago and New York. Hip House originated in Chicago and quickly became popular across the U.S. and in the UK.
Minor controversy ensued in 1989 when a U.S. record called « Turn Up The Bass » by Tyree Cooper claimed it was the « first hip house record on vinyl. » The Beatmasters disputed this, pointing out that « Rok da House » had originally been written and pressed to vinyl in 1986. (©Wikipedia)

1 – Clubland Feat. Quartz – Let’s Get Busy (The Snap Attack Mix) – 1990 Geffen Company
I can’t get this bass out of my mind! A good intro into the world of hip house. Do you know Snap, the remixer on this one ? “The Power”, dude !

2 – Fast Eddie Feat. Sundance – Git On It (Fast Eddie Remix) – 1989 D.J. International Rec.
Some of you could know this guy because he produced the outstanding “Acid Thunder”, a classic acid house track. He also worked with Dj Funk on some famous ghetto tracks like “Pump it”. And I have to confess I love girls rappin’ too.

3 – Twin Hype – For Those Who Like The Groove – 1989 Profile Rec.
“Bust a move” say the twin at the beginning. It reminds me something… hummm. Young Mc, probably… ahah. Have you seen the video ?
I dig everything, dancers, the twin rappin’, the club scene looks like a rave party !!!

4 – Deskee – Let There Be House (Westbam Mix) – 1989 Black Out Rec
Like Snap with Turbo B, It’s the pefect mix between German producers and US rappers. In 1989, Westbam played at the first Love Parade in Germany, and 2 years after, he organized the big annual rave “MayDay”, but it’s another story…

5 – Mr. Lee – Get Busy (Lidell Townsell Mix) – 1990 Jive Rec
I could’t make a hip house mix without this one. Mr Lee is a legendary rapper, producer from Chicago, pioneer of the hip house movement. I’m totally out of control when I hear it ! The siren, the sample “get busy” drive me crazy.

6 – Brandon Cooke Feat. Roxanne Shante – Sharp As A Knife (Acid Attack) – 1986 Mercury
This track could be on a Acid mix too. Sometimes, people tell me : “who would be the artist you want to work with”. Roxanne Shante : the queen of rap. Girls rappin’ is a kind of obsession for me. And Roxanne Shante is one the best. The track is very special to me, It was the beginning of Acid House, and the lyrics of Roxanne fit perfectly with the beat. I couldn’t fed up with this one. Such A BOMB !

7 – The Beatmasters Feat. The Cookie Crew – Rock Da House – 1987 Rhythm King Rec
My precious vinyl !!! I got it on a vinyl compilation called “Bomb The Rock!” (…de/114371242.jpg) with other tracks : Coldcut Feat Yazz & The Plastic Population « Doctorin The House », Bomb The bass « Beat Dis » and S-Express « Theme From S-Express ». All are huges as you could see. You should dig them, if not. For the frenchies, this track from the Beatmasters was the theme song for Tv show called “Ciel Mon Mardi”. Ahahah

8 – Tyree Cooper – Turn Up The Bass – 1988 D.J. International
As I mentioned before, this one could be the first hip house record on vinyl. Here is what is hip house. At the end of 80’s, All best house records from chicago were released on Trax rec, or D.J. International. If you have some tracks from those labels, you probably have a masterpiece. “Turn Up The Bass” is one.

9 – Kc Flight – Planet E (Acid Drop Mix) – 2000 Eskimo Recordings
I have to say a big thank to the awesome Belgian Eskimo Recordings label, making me discover this track. He’s a truly classic dope track. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a real Hip house track. Because it has been released long time after the golden age of Hip house. But, in my opinion, this one could perfectly fit with a classic hip house / acid house genre, no ? And it could be in my classic dj set too.

10 – Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu – 1991 Clubhouse Rec.
CHITOWN CHITOWN CHITOWN, The House music from Chicago had a huge influence on me. It’s crystal clear, now. I love House. I love Acid House, I Love Ghetto House, I love Hip House… and I’m in love with this track from Lidell Townsell. “I can’t get you out of my mind”!

I apologize in advance to all by the less quality mix of the tracks. We are in 1989-1990. And I use some of my own vinyls too. Oldie’s but Donnie’s !